Sedal Nutrition Pump Shampoo (340Ml / 11.49Fl Oz)

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Our line of Antifrizz Nutrition Pump Shampoo is specially designed to leave your hair clean and dazzling, recovered from wear and tear and damage. The solution for dull and frizzy hair is the ideal shampoo for dry hair. Give it a dose of vitality with this Sedal hair product! Thanks to our exclusive formula enriched with avocado and shea butter, your hair hydrated, visibly healthy and frizzy under control. In addition, with organic ingredients! Shampoo for damaged and dry hair thanks to its natural ingredients: Avocado is full of nutrients and is well known for its revitalizing properties. Shea Butter provides excellent moisturization and is widely used to soften and revitalize. Two essential ingredients for hair nutrition. Did you know that Sedal is PETA Certified? That's right! Sedal does not test on animals and is globally certified by the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 6.5 million members worldwide to end animal exploitation! In turn, our bottles are 100% recyclable, so you can enjoy your hair and take care of the environment as well. How to Use: After the shampoo, apply the SEDAL Pump Nutrition shampoo, apply it to the hair, massage gently and then rinse. For even more amazing hair, try the entire Natural Collection Line. #SedalColecciónNatural. #Sedal.

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