Tio Nacho Thickener Spray (120 Ml / 4.06Fl Oz)

Sale price$11.58


Tio Nacho Enthickador Treatment Spray, with a combination of Royal Jelly and Capilgross for thicker, stronger and thicker hair.
[THICKENER] They increase the diameter of each hair leaving it stronger, thicker and more bulky thanks to its formula with the exclusive Capilgross component.
[NATURAL FORMULA] Royal Jelly + Nettle Extract + the exclusive Capilgross component.
[IMMEDIATE RESULTS] In just 1 month, your hair looks like up to 33,000 more strands.
[VOLUME] Higher Volume
[USE] Apply to wet or dry hair. Spray directly onto the root of the hair covering the entire scalp from the level of the ears up. Does not rinse

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