Asepxia Micellar Water Baking Soda (400Ml / 13.52Fl Oz)

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New Asepxia MICELLAR WATER BAKING SODA. Ideal for oily skin REMOVE MAKEUP even that water-proof. If the micelles of Asepxia already had a deep cleansing effect on the skin, now with the benefits of baking soda, your face will have at the same time: CLEANSING, FRESHNESS and BALANCE on the skin. Asepxia Micellar Water is OIL-FREE and cleans excess fat while maintaining the pH of the SKIN BALANCED. Dermatologically tested

[MICELLAR WATER] cleans excess fat and maintains skin pH balanced
[MAKEUP REMOVER] removes makeup, even waterproof
[BAKING SODA] Baking soda. Oil-free.
[CLEANS AND TREATS YOUR SKIN] A complete micellar treatment in 60 seconds, with all the benefits of 100% natural baking soda, which, when shaken, activates its microspheres to give your skin a deep cleansing.
[DAILY USE] Use to clean and remove makeup all over the face, including lips and delicate eye area. Shake before use and soak a cotton wool in micellar water, applying without pressing or aggressively rubbing.

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