Cicatricure Micellar Water (400Ml / 13.52Fl Oz)

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Cicatricure Micellar Water is an effective technology in 5 in 1 facial cleansing. Removes makeup, deep cleanses, frees pores, tones and refreshes. In a single pass its micelles act as magnets to capture dirt, greasy and traces of makeup from the skin instantly. It removes makeup even waterproof, is suitable for sensitive, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free skin.
[FACE CLEANSING] removes makeup, cleans, moisturizes, tones, refreshes
[IMPURITIES] removes impurities
[ZONES] face, eye area, lip and neck
[TONE] remove impurities while caring for the skin, toning it
[USE] shake before use. Then apply with an aglodon to face, eyelids, lips and neck without rubbing and rinsing. Use in the morning and/or evening

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