Tio Nacho Ultra-Hydrating Treatment (200Gr / 6.76Oz)

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Tio Nacho Ultrahydrating treatment, restore all the nutrition to your hair thanks to the combination of Royal Jelly and Organic Coconut Oil.
[ULTRA MOISTURIZING] Deep moisturizes from the root to the tip of each hair strand, repairing damage caused by dryness and leaving hair visibly more nourished.
[SUN PROTECTION] Protects hair from UV rays and repairs photodamage.
[NATURAL INGREDIENTS] Royal Jelly and organic coconut oil.
[DEEP HYDRATION] Its formula penetrates and retains hydration, returning 100% of the water lost since first use.
[DAILY USE] Apply a generous amount to damp, pre-washed hair, spreading along the fibers insisting on the tips. Leave it on for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse.

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