Asepxia Detox Peel Off Charcoal Purifying Mask (30Gr / 1.01Oz)

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The Detox Carbon Peel Off MASK helps unclog PORES, and remove dirt, GREASE and BLACKHEADS, leaving skin CLEAN, SMOOTH and PURIFIED
[PEEL-OFF MASK] Removes blackheads, excess grease and dirt, depriving pores.
[PREVENTS BLEMISHES] Helps prevent pimples and purifies the skin.
[DETOX CARBON] Activated Carbon
[PURIFYING EFFECT] Coal is a 100% natural mineral that is known for its incredible ability to absorb, in its thousands of micropores,
dirt, grease and impurities caused by pollution and dirt from the environment.
[HOW TO USE] First clean and dry the face completely. Apply a slight layer to the desired area, avoiding eyes, eyebrows, lips and hair
birth. Leave the time necessary for it to dry up forming the ultimate film. Gently remove the mask, in a
downward motion from the forehead. Wash with warm water any surplus.

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