Dermabidiol Moisturizing Antioxidant Repair Cream (15Gr / 0.5Oz)

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Its innovative formula contains NIOSOMES, ultra-flexible structures developed in Switzerland under strict GMP Pharmaceutical Standards. This novel form of release allows maximum absorption of CBD with efficacy and therapeutic safety in the skin. Niosomes allow the natural components inside them to act efficiently on the skin by improving their permeability.

Fuses natural components and technology, which contributes to the antioxidant and antibacterial effect of its components, inhibiting the oxygen-favored reactions that form free radicals, helping to prevent signs of atmospheric aging in addition to correcting visible damage such as wrinkles and stains, increasing the firmness and radiance of the skin.

For all skin types, including sensitive skin, prone to redness. Dull tone, irregular texture, imperfections, loss of firmness Contains: Cannabidiol: (antiseborrheic, antioxidant, DNA protector, anti-aging); Honokiol: (antioxidant, lightening); Magnolol: (antioxidant, lightening); Allantoin: (astringent, anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing); Hyaluronic acid: (Moisturizer); Tocopherol -Vitamin E- (emollient, moisturizing) antioxidant); .

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