Alta Moda Alfaparf Corrector Matizador 12.111 - Tintura Kit (150Gr / 5.29Oz)

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“Super Intense Platinum Ash Blonde Professional
Recommendation: Gloss Crystals, Semi Di Lino, UV Filter and Neutralizing Pigments that are deposited inside the fiber to ring unwanted yellows, providing a cooler and more modern color.
no ammonia
with oxidizer of 10 volumes
You are delighted with your hair tone after coloring (or discoloration), but over time the color changes and orange or yellowish shades begin to appear.
This is inevitable, luckily, Alta Moda has the solution to avoid those unwanted shades. This product lacks ammonia, so it does not harm or damage your hair and is ideal for use immediately after discoloration.
The nuance is not coloring, it is a formula made up of pigments that are contrasted with the shades that appear without anyone ever calling them. In this case, to extinguish yellows and oranges, blue and violet pigments are needed, and this is what the formula of the new Matizador 12.111 from Alta Moda has.
Therefore, it has a dual function:
For blondes and/or gray hair: it achieves intense ash reflections, reaching a colder tone and silver.
For coppery: Eliminates orange reflections that arise over time after a discoloration.”

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