Alta Moda Argán Therapy Aceite Acondicionador (60Ml / 2.02Oz)

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“Argan Therapy - Hair Disciplining Treatment - For hair that needs care that promote discipline, volume reduction and intensive moisturizing moisturization.Professional recommendation: Argan oil, very rich in omega, vitamins and fatty acids is an active that fights free radicals, restructures the hydrolipid layer of fibres and provides resistance against chemical or environmental damage.Liquid gold from Morocco - So is known the oil extracted from the seeds of the Argania Spinosa tree, which is found only in Morocco, very rich in omegas, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Its effect is fantastic! Neutralizes free radicals, restructures the hydrolipid layer of hair fibers, increases hair resistance to chemical procedures, brushing or straightening. Protects hair from environmental aggressions. A true and profound health treatment suitable for all hair types, including those that have been exposed to brushing or straightening.How to use: This rich and lightweight oil can be used in several ways, with judgment, as its moisturizing action is very powerful. Enriching the action of treatments, conditioners, massage products or as the main oil-based hydration agent: use as much as it deems necessary. It is recommended that when applied pure, as a finisher/repair agent of hair fibers and tips, it be applied gradually until the desired result is obtained. It can be applied, before combing or ironing the hair. It is recommended to use the other products of the line for hair health and beauty!”

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