Alta Moda Argan Therapy Shampoo (300Gr / 10.58Oz)

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“Argan Therapy — Hair Disciplining Treatment — For hair needing care that promotes discipline, volume reduction and intense moisturizing. A deep strengthening formulation that increases strength, revitalizes the structure and protects against external aggressions.Professional recommendation: Argan oil, very rich in omega, vitamins and fatty acids is an active agent that neutralizes free radicals, restructures the hydrolipidic layer of the fibers and provides resistance against chemical or environmental damage.How to use: Moisten the hair and apply the shampoo by emulsifying its rich foam throughout the scalp wicks. Rinse. Apply again and rinse with plenty of water. You will feel a feeling of freshness, well-being and cleanliness instantly. To achieve excellent results it is recommended to use all products of the Argan Therapy line: Conditioner, Mask and Oil.”

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