Aminocrem Eye Contour Hesperidina+Alfa Tocoferol +Ectoina (15Gr / 0.529Oz)

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AMINOCREM EYE CONTOUR is an association of 3 new molecules, which act in the sensitive and delicate area of the eye area: it decongests the bags, attenuates dark circles, providing firmness, elasticity and continuous hydration. It promotes cell regeneration, helps natural mechanisms of self-defense and repair of the delicate skin of the eyelids. Prevents accelerated aging, and attenuates signs of fatigue. It has soft, non-greasy texture, easy to absorb. Does not contain essences or dyes, can be used as a foundation for makeup. Active ingredient: Hesperidin + Alpha Tocopherol +Ectoin Terspeutical Action: Product formulated specifically for the treatment of dark circles, bags and wrinkle mitigator. How to use: Two or more times per day.

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