Aminotherapy Shampoo L Cystine Antioxidant Complex (120Ml / 4.05Fl Oz)

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Hair Amino Therapy
Shampoo x 120ml
Complex E-C Structural
Amino Acids

Shampoo intended to protect and repair hair follicle cells affected by free radicals, through the action of the antioxidant complex E - C (a-tocopherol - ascorbic acid) contained in the microspheres. The antioxidant complex is released by breaking the microspheres, by rubbing against the scalp, thus penetrating into the hair bulb. Structural amino acids derived from gelatin and keratin
are incorporated at the same time, which, in addition to nourishing the hair bulb, adhere to the stem, repairing its imperfections, achieving healthy, docile, soft and shiny hair.

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