Ampk Metabolic Activator Protein Strawberry Powder (506 Grams - Gluten Free)

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We've created a
vegan protein that tastes amazing!

- AMPK Protein has the best source of vegan protein in the world, helps maintain or lose weight, gain muscle and provide chelated minerals. High in protein and with less than 95 calories per serving, this is the perfect plant-based protein shake. It can be used at any time of the day: breakfast, snack or also after training.

- AMPK Protein provides essential nutrients that help maintain the proper functioning of the immune system and the good condition of hair, skin and nails.

- It is a supplement to food made from natural ingredients essential in metabolic activity.
AMPK Protein is made from a unique blend of strawberry flavored pea protein and chelated minerals.

- The exclusive formulation of AMPK was developed especially after years of study and research, to supplement the diet with nutrients that act by stimulating various metabolic pathways.

- AMPK Protein is endorsed by the Argentine Society of Obesity and Eating Disorders (SAOTA).

- Excess weight is a risk factor, affecting health and quality of life. Its causes are multiple, being the decrease in metabolism activity, one of the most relevant responsible.

- AMPK Protein has a delicious strawberry flavor (natural origin), contains no sugar, aspartame or cyclamate.

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