Herbal Essences Bio Renew Rosemary & Herbs Conditioner (400Ml / 13.52Fl Oz)

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Rosemary & Herbs Herbal Essences Conditioner is specially made from nature-inspired ingredients to promote hair growth and contains a silicone-free formula that does not weigh down. This conditioner can be used on coloured hair.

Features and Benefits:
• Over time it has been said that rosemary promotes hair growth. Sage, in addition to being considered a garden flower, has a long history of medicinal use, helping to moisturize the hair leaving it soft.
• Made with bio:renew, an exclusive blend of active antioxidants, aloe vera and seaweed.
• bio:renew helps purify and protect your hair from free radicals. With antioxidants that renew your hair *Restores damage to shine and softness
•! Renew it with the power of nature!
• Free of parabens, salt* and dyes, Herbal Essences bio: renew is a technology that uses the power of nature to renew dull and lifeless hair.

Mode of use:
Apply a Generous Amount Of Conditioner To Wet Hair From Root To End And Rinse.

Precautions for use:
Avoid Eye Contact, Stop Use If You See Any Unfavorable Reactions, Stay Out of Reach of Children.

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