Caviahue Box Routine (1 Box)

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All the care of your skin in one kit.
Products: Volcanic Thermal Mud (50g). Cleaning Foam. Volcanic Thermal Water. Antiage Day Cream. Antiage Night Cream. Serum C. Emollient Cream PS. Eye Contour Cream.

◆ Mineralization.
◆ Revitalization.
◆ Treatment in fine lines.
◆ Firmness.
◆ Voltage.
◆ Oil-free.
◆ Naturalness on the skin.
◆ Line reduction.
◆ Collagen activation.

How to use
1· Start the ritual by eliminating oiliness with Facial Cleansing Foam! Massage the face and remove the dirt with a cotton flake or warm water.
2· Include Thermal Mud in your weekly care ritual. Apply it as a mask to the skin once or twice a week and let it work for 10-15 minutes until it dries. Then stir gently with warm water.
3· Apply the C Serum to face, neck and décolleté to brighten the skin and prepare it for hydration. You can also use it as a Primer for your makeup routine.
4· Using the ring finger, apply a small amount of Eye Cream to the upper and lower eyelids and distribute with subtle touches until absorbed.
5· Protect your skin before leaving home with Antiage Day Cream. Apply it around the entire face with gentle massages until completely absorbed.
6· Moisturize your skin with Volcanic Thermal Water! Apply it to 15-20 cm of the face every time you feel the need for moisturizing. You can also use it at the end of your make-up routine to fix makeup.
7· Then moisturize the whole body with the PS Emollient Cream until completely absorbed.
8· End your day and moisturize your skin with Antiage Night Cream for an intensive rehydrant treatment. Apply a thin layer on your face and let it work while you sleep.
*I repeated this care ritual in the morning and evening for best results.

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