Cistina Antiage Hair Szama Conditioner W/L-Cystine+Vit. B6 (150Ml / 5.07Fl Oz)

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CISTINA B6 SZAMA CONDITIONER is a product for the treatment of damaged hair. It reconstructs and revitalizes the internal and external structure of the hair from the roots to the ends, having a positive bioactive effect, returning the original condition of the hair and allowing the hair fiber to return to its original behavior. It provides extra protection with extended effect, because it minimizes future damage and repairs existing ones. Due to its complex of natural amino acids and plant proteins with a balanced pH, it penetrates deep into the hair providing permanent hydration. It is a real antiage that returns youth to hair damaged by the passage of time. It is a technologically innovative treatment that prolongs the life of the hair by moisturizing it, increasing thickness and giving it docility and shine. Ideal for detangling both dry and wet unruly and hard-to-comb hair. It gives strength, elasticity and facilitates combability and provides permanent conditioning Active ingredient: L-Cystine + Vitamin B6 Terspeutical action: Antiage hair renewal. Rebuilds and revitalizes hair structure How to use: As a restorative: After washing, place the cream on damp hair, massage and rinse. As a styling cream: Place a minimum amount on dry hair by massaging gently until well moisturized.

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