Cistina B6 Shampoo W/L-Cystine+Methionine+Vitamin B6 & H (150Ml / 5.07Fl Oz)

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CISTINA B6 SZAMA SHAMPOO is a hair follicle strengthener, formulated for the hygiene and nutrition of weak and fragile hair by stimulating their natural growth cycle. Enriched with L-Cystine, Methionine, Vitamin B6 and Vitine H. Due to its acid pH it prevents the uncontrolled proliferation of microorganisms on the scalp. Continuous use strengthens the follicle by combating fragility and reducing hair loss. Deep cleanses and moisturizes all types of hair. Active ingredient: L-Cystine + Vitamin B6 Terspeutical action: Strengthening the hair follicle. Especially suitable for weak and damaged hair. Prevents hair loss. How to use: Moisten the hair and actively massage with an appropriate amount of product, until you get plenty of lather. Rinse and repeat the procedure, leaving the foam on the scalp for two to three minutes. Finish the wash by rinsing with water.

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