Colgate toothbrush 360° Antibacterial (2 Units)

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The Colgate 360° Antibac* toothbrush with unique tongue and cheek cleanser, is ideal for superior removal of bacteria in the mouth, leaving it clean and healthy.
*VS. flat bristle toothbrushes without tongue and cheek cleaner. Antibacterial
bristles to protect your brush* Polishing
Cups Charcoal infused
Unique tongue and cheek cleanser Superior
removal of bacteria
Dentists recommend brushing your tongue as an important part of daily oral hygiene. Dentists and hygienists recommend changing the brush every 3 months. After use, rinse the brush head thoroughly, shake excess water, and store vertically. Keep the brush in a clean and dry place. Precautions: Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old. Non-perishable product. Do not use if the packaging is open.

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