Koleston Hair Coloring Kit 77 Brown Bambi (1 Pack)

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The first change in our colouring formula in 20 years, now with hydration included in every step, from our new color cream with oils to our advanced intense gloss treatment. Achieve a brighter, brighter colour with 100% gray coverage.
New fresh fragrance with floral essence, you would never think the coloration could smell so good. For the first time our color cream contains deep hydration so that your hair is hydrated as intensely as your color. Advanced intense gloss
treatment for deep hydration after coloring.
Our exclusive reactivator for even more intense color between colorations. Promotes the seven signs of healthy hair leaving it: vibrant, smooth, soft, hydrated, luminous, strong and manageable. Helps protect color against water New fresh fragrance with floral essence .100% grey coverage.
- 1 tube of Wella Koleston Permanent Hair Color Cream 50 gr
- 1 bottle Wella Koleston Applicator Color Activating Emulsion with oils 6% - 50 ml
- 2 sachets of 20 ml each of Wella Koleston Advanced Gloss Intense Treatment
- 1 about from Wella Koleston color reactivator pigment treatment 01 -22 ml
- 2 pairs of protective gloves
- 1 instruction booklet

Always read the safety instructions and follow the directions for use carefully. IMPORTANT: This product is not intended for use in persons under the age of sixteen. WARNING: Hair dyes can cause serious allergic reactions. Temporary tattoos of “Black Henna” may increase the risk of allergy. To reduce risk, follow these instructions. Do not use coloring if: You have a skin rash on your face or have a sensitive scalp, strong or damaged, - have you ever experienced any kind of reaction after hair coloring, - someone has ever experienced a reaction to temporary treatment of “black henna”. SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS: This product contains Hydrogen Peroxide which can cause severe eye irritation and possible permanent eye injury. Avoid contact with eyes. If the mixture comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek medical guidance.

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