Cistina B6 Szama Ungueal With L Cystine + Vitamin B6 (10Gr / 0.35Oz)

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CISTINA B6 SZAMA UNGUEAL is a vitamin siliconized gel for nail care. It provides strength, flexibility and nutrition, helping to modify the overall appearance of the nails. Increases shine, strength and improves cuticle imperfections. It forms an invisible film on them, which is not removed in contact with water. In a short period of time the removal of peeling, stretch marks, and other nail imperfections is observed, resulting in less fragility. Active ingredient: L-Cystine + Vitamin B6 Terspeutical action: Regenerating nails How to use: Apply to the birth of nails and cuticles. Massage for a few minutes until it absorbs.

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