Aderma Dermopan Bar Soap (100Gr / 3.5Oz)

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Gently cleanses and soothes fragile skin. A “soap without soap” to fully respect the hydrolipidic film and the pH of the skin. Not perfumed.Composed by Rhealba® Oat Milk →Softens and soothes the skin Overgreasy
agents → Prevent dryness and soften the skin Gentle washing
base (pH=5.5) → Gently cleanses the epidermis
without soap, no perfume, no alcohol, no preservativeBenefits:Gently cleanses the skin of the whole family (Babies, children and adults) Ideal for dry skin with a tendency to flake Restructure the skin watermeloUse to the face, moist body, emulsify and rinse.

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