Dr. Selby Vitamin Cream With Lanolin, Vitamin D And Zinc Oxide, 40 G / 1.41 Oz

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  • UNIQUE IN THE WHOLE WORLD - This unique ointment from Uruguay is a symbol of trust.
  • HEALING PROPERTIES - It is great for minor burns, scrapings, bug bites, etc.
  • CONTAINS - Lanolin, Vitamin D and Zinc Oxide.
  • 40 g / 1.41 oz.

Dr Selby is a brand with a special mystic to it. Its efficiency has been tested over the years. The fact that it has been recommended from generation to generation makes us believe in that enormous and only filial link the brand shares with the people and their experiences. Is the tranquility to know that it is always at hand on your first aid kit, your handbag or your carry-on bag. It doesn’t matter where or how far, it will always be there to help you.

Dr Selby Crema Curativa - Vitamin Cream Dr Selby / Products from Argentina and Uruguay shipped straight to you.

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