Inecto Elixir Deep Repair Conditioner+Blend W/Morocco Argan (400Ml / 13.52Fl Oz)

Sale price$4.92


Elixir Deep Repair Conditioner with Moroco Argan and Royal Jelly for brittle and dry damaged hair. *Paraben free
*no added salts
*Not tested on animals
With Moroccan Argan and Royal Jelly. Inecto combine the longevity and strength of argan tree with the enriched nutrition of royal jelly, an ideal treatment that gives hair its natural shine, moisture and nutrition lost.
How to use: Apply after washing your hair with Elixir Deep Repair Shampoo, place from medium to end leave on and rinse with plenty of warm water. We recommend completing the treatment with the mask 3 minutes deep repair elixir.

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