Capilatis Energizing Shampoo Platinum Shine And Shine Grey Men (370Ml / 12.51Fl Oz)

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For hair with gray hair, it shades gray hair and increases the shine
Over time the gray hair tends to alter their original shade and look dull. That's why Capilatis Hombre developed the PLATINUM Shampoo with natural pigments that prevent the appearance of yellow reflections. Its continuous use nuances gray hair, increases shine and restores the beauty of healthy hair.

Formulated with:
- Centaurea Extract, an effective phyto-active agent containing pigments capable of progressively achieving a silver tone.
- Amino Acids, which strengthen the hair fiber, nourish and repair structural damage to the hair.
- Protective Silicones and Conditioning Polymers, which provide excellent shine, maximum silkiness and have a remarkable repairing effect.

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