Cicatricure Eye Contour Cream Blur & Filler (15Gr / 0.529Oz)

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Eye cream that helps to gradually prevent fine lines, bags and dark circles.
[BLUR & FILLER EFFECT] Gel cream with cold effect that fills wrinkles and blurs expression lines on eyelids, bags and dark circles.
[RENEW YOUR EYES] Provides an immediate cold effect and an extra soft feel on your skin for a more relaxed look.
[UNIQUE FORMULA] Specially formulated with Biopeptide Regen® and Soft Focus ingredients that blur signs of age.
[DERMATOLOGICAL SCIENCE] Hypoallergenic formula that decreases the temperature of your skin after two minutes after application,
producing a refreshing effect that relaxes your eyes.
[DAILY USE. MORNING AND NIGHT] Apply to dry and clean skin in small amounts on the upper and lower eyelids as well as on the corners of the eyes avoiding direct contact with them.

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