Cepage Eye Contour Tenseur Ha Anti Aging Cream Filled (15Ml / 0.5Fl Oz)

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Anti-age eye cream Benefits: Fills and repairs wrinkles and fine lines. Dimmer bags and dark circles. Moisturizes and protects. Anti-fatigue and anti-stress effect. Provides an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect on periorbital wrinkles. Fill, and moisturize 24 hours. Your look will look rested and illuminated How to use: Apply Tenseur HA Eyes to clean, dry skin around the eyes with gentle ascending massages. To achieve maximum effectiveness apply twice a day (morning and night). Assets: Cafeisilane® 2%
Hyadisine® 1%
Epidermosil® 3% Hyaluronic
Acid 0.1% UVA

General: Hypoallergenic Ophthalmologically
Tested Needs: Anti-Age/Eye Contour

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