Inecto Fabulous Shine Shock Mask W/ Ginger Oil (250Ml / 8.45Fl Oz)

Sale price$4.76


Fabulous shine shock mask with ginger oil and essential amino acids with pH acid, for smoothed and/or dyed hair.
*No salt
*No parabens
*Not tested on animals.
Inecto combine in this blend all the vitamins and minerals present in ginger oil with the intense repair of amino acids that, in addition to restructuring dyed and/or straightened hair, nourish the hair bulb a treatment that restores the hair from the inside out.
Acid ph helps extend chemical treatments while maintaining the health of coloured hair.
How to use: Apply after washing your hair with the fabulous shine shock shampoo, place from middle to end leave on for 3 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water. We recommend repeating the treatment twice a week.

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