Neostrata Gel Refine Plus (125Ml / 4.22Fl Oz)

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Extra powerful gel ideal for those who have already used Glycolic Acid and for those who prefer a lightweight, non greasy and fast absorbing formula.

Ideal for oily and stain prone skin. Glycolic Acid, an Alphahydroxy acid, helps decrease the appearance of enlarged pores, texture and uneven pigmentation caused by photoaging.

Indicated for patients who have ingrown hairs associated with Pseudofolliculitis barbe in areas such as face, neck and other areas that are usually shaved.

Stimulates collagen synthesis allowing the skin to look firmer and younger.

Lightweight, non greasy and fast absorption

Specific for oily and stained skin

Helps decrease the appearance of enlarged pores

Skin looks firmer and younger


Apply to face and other areas desired a once a day for the first two weeks and twice a day for the following weeks provided that it is well tolerated. Daily use of sunscreen is recommended.


Glycolic Acid 15%

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