24 Havanna Alfajor Milk Chocolate & Meringue W/ Dulce De Leche (2 Mixed Boxes)

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Assorted Italian meringue and milk chocolate classic Havanna alfajores. Great for giving as a present.

World-famous premium Havanna alfajores.

Imported fresh from Buenos Aires Argentina.

Twelve delicious alfajores per box.

Please note that these premium alfajores contain no preservatives. They are best before from 1 to up to 2 months after shipping. We are sure that you won't resist so long!

About Havanna
Over 70 years ago after many failed attempts and frustrations a small bakery just south of Buenos Aires discovered a unique recipe for alfajores. Havanna was born. Havanna alfajores traditionally combine delicious soft cookies milk chocolate and mouth-watering dulce de leche or milk caramel inside. To our delight they have created many other alfajores.

What is an Alfajor?

Alfajores are sweet snacks made with two round cookies with different sweet fillings between them. The filling is usually dulce de leche although there are a lot of variations. They can be covered with powder sugar (the traditional ones) glazed sugar (Santafesinos or "de nieve") grated coconut or chocolate. Argentina is today the world's largest consumer of alfajores both in total numbers and in per capita calculations being the most common snack for schoolchildren and adults.

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