Havanna Semilia Semilla Mixed 6 Seeds Alfajor With 70% Dark Chocolate & Dulce De Leche - Sin Tacc Gluten Free (Box Of 8 Alfajores)

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  • SO NATURAL IT FEELS LIGHTER - This new Alfajor by Havanna is made with 6 different types of the best selected seeds following the latest trends and keeping the flavor everyone loves.
  • BRAND NEW HAVANNA ALFAJOR - Premium quality guaranteed. Coated with Chocolate 70% pure and filled with the most delicious, now 0% trans fat, Dulce de Leche Havanna.
  • SUPER NUTRITIOUS - The cookies are made with rice flour, muscovado sugar, chia, sunflower, white sesame, poppy, flax, and puffed quinoa seeds. These high quality ingredients are a source of iron, calcium, low in sodium and high in dietary fiber.
  • GLUTEN FREE - The package is hermetically sealed and guarantees the safety required for a gluten-free product and consumer.
  • Box of 8 Alfajores

Over 70 years ago, after many failed attempts and frustrations, a small bakery just at the south of Buenos Aires discovered an unique recipe for Dulce de Leche. That is when Havanna was born. Their alfajores traditionally combine the most delicious soft cookies, the perfect milk chocolate coating and mouth-watering dulce de leche or milk caramel inside.

Alfajor Havanna Semilia - Havanna Alfajor with seeds / Products from Argentina shipped straight to you

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