Isdin Pigment+Night Peel 10+10 (10 Ampoules)

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DAY&NIGHT Antistain routine: Correct by day, renew at night. The new routine to prevent and treat blemishes and imperfections and achieve even, radiant skin tone.
Application Tips: In the morning, apply Pigment Expert as the first step in your anti-stain facial routine, right after cleansing. Then you can continue your usual facial routine. At night, apply Night Peel as the first step of your facial routine, right after cleansing. Night Peel enhances the depigmenting effects of Pigment Expert ampoules by renewing the surface layers of the facial skin.

If your skin has a non-uniform shade, luminosity or has a stain after summer due to sun exposure, don't miss the smudge routine we recommend, day and night. Follow these simple steps and get hydrated, refreshed, and evenly toned skin thanks to the Day&Night Stain Resistant routine. To complete your facial routine, remember to also use the ISDIN Micellar Solution and A.G.E REVERSE products

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