Taragui Yerba Mate Classic Flavor Con Palo (With Stems) (2.2 Lb)

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Independent reviews

"TaragŸi Con Palo is the most popular yerba mate in Argentina - and I understand why. Most of the people in Argentina donÕt treat mate as something sophisticated and gourmet. For them mate is something that they are used to drink every day during work or lunch and they are looking for something that will give them all the benefits of mate but at the same time will not ÔdistractÕ them with bright and unusual flavors. TaragŸi Con Palo is created for quick and simple drinking when the last think that you care about - is the flavor of your mate. I respect that although I prefer more complex yerba mate."

Complexity: Simple
Body: Light to medium
Duration: Short

-- Matexperience

"Taragui isnÕt like other brands. ItÕs simple and basic in taste but it sure gets the job done. If you want something to wake you up in the morning or to get your body moving you wonÕt be disappointed when you try Taragui. However as popular as this mate is in Argentina this isnÕt something I would drink every day. Only when I need that extra kick. Whether a beginner or longtime drinker Taragui is a must-try." -- Yerba Mate Lab

About the producer

Word ÒTaragŸiÓ in Guarani language means Corrientes - northern Argentine province home to the TaragŸi yerba mate production. This is the most commercialy successful brand of Las Marias parent company that also produces other yerba mate brands such as Uni—n La Merced and Ma–anita. History of TaragŸi brand starts in 1924 and today you can find this yerba mate all over the word in many different forms - classic con palo mate and even Òmate cocidoÓ tea-bagged yerba mate.

Official site: https://www.taragui.com/en-gb

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