3 Pak Yerba Mate Taragui 1 Kilo/2.2 Lbs Sin Palo/Without Stems

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Independent reviews

"This mate is easy to recommend to people looking for strong energizing yerba mate. It is easy to recommend to people that are not familiar with traditional way of preparing yerba mate people who look for a healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinks people who want to experience the beneficial effects of this drink before diving into the cultural aspects of mate. At the same time it is hard for me to recommend TaragŸi Sin Palo to the mate connoisseurs - they wonÕt find rich variety of flavors in this yerba mate."

Complexity: Simple
Body: Light
Duration: Medium

-- Matexperience

"Compared to the regular Taragui and other yerba mates this brings a new dimension to the picture you wonÕt regret trying. Taragui Sin PaloÕs pure-leaf blend provides a pure yerba mate Ð one with a smooth soothing flavor and feel. Although this pack doesnÕt have much variety in regards to taste itÕs one you can enjoy time and time again. ItÕs also a good change up from all the other mates. Slight smoke strong earthiness mixed in with a bit of sweetness and you have Taragui Sin Palo. Add to that a medium lasting mate with relaxing effects and itÕs a must-try." -- Yerba Mate Lab

About the producer

Word Taragui in Guarani language means Corrientes - northern Argentine province home to the TaragŸi yerba mate production. This is the most commercialy successful brand of Las Marias parent company that also produces other yerba mate brands such as Uni—n La Merced and Ma–anita. History of TaragŸi brand starts in 1924 and today you can find this yerba mate all over the word in many different forms - classic con palo mate and even Òmate cocidoÓ tea-bagged yerba mate.

Official site: https://www.taragui.com/en-gb

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