Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Waterproof Mask (9.5Ml / 0.32Fl Oz)

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Achieve perfect eyebrows in 3 simple steps for up to 3 days. Natural result, fuller and more defined eyebrows. Application
Step 1- Apply by defining the desired eyebrow shape.
Step 2- Let it dry: 20 minutes to last 1 day or 2 hours to last up to 3 days.
Step 3- Remove the film from the inside of the eyebrow to the outside.
1- When applying it, the more uniform the product layer is, the easier it is to remove it.
2- No hassles! It does not run, does not stain, does not remove hairs when removed.
3- If application error occurs while the product is wet it can be corrected with micellar water

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