Dove Micellar Water (200Ml / 6.76Fl Oz)

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The skin on your face is very delicate. Did you know that with every wash it loses moisture and natural nutrients and can feel dry or smooth? The new Dove facial line, with Nutrium Moisture Beauty Serum technology, brings nutrients and moisture back to your skin. This technology is a unique blend of moisturizers that helps nourish your skin leaving it soft and clean. Dove Micellar Cleansing Water deeply cleanses your face and removes makeup without needing to rinse your skin after use. With its unique technology it moisturizes the skin and cleanses deeply, bringing back the shine and feeling of freshness to your face. This facial cleanser is suitable for all skin types. Likewise, this make-up remover micellar water, like the rest of the products in the line, is dermatologically tested. We recommend that you include this facial cleanser in your daily routine and experience the difference of having a deeply clean face and feeling like new.

Dove Cleansing Micellar Water removes makeup quickly and easily. Enriched with vitamin B3 and pro-vitamin B5, known for their revitalizing properties. Deeply cleanses the skin leaving the pores of the skin without grease. This Dove cleanser and makeup remover moisturizes the skin on your face and leaves a feeling of freshness. Contains no fragrance, parabens or alcohol. No need to rinse the skin after use. Dove Micellar Water is suitable for all skin types. The entire Dove cleaning range is dermatologically tested.

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