Enfabebé Milky Formula For Comfort (400Gr / 14.10)

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Recommendations for use Formula designed for infants from 0 to 12 months of age with mild gastrointestinal disorders (irritability, crying, gases) Presentation Hermetically sealed 400g cans with a refease-free system and 4.3g dosing measurement. Preparation A dosing measure of flush and uncompressed powder in 30ml of pre-boiled and warmed drinking water. Provides 68 kcal/ 100ml reconstituted. INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARATION AND USE OF FORMULA 1. Always wash your hands with soapy drinking water before preparing the formula. 2. Wash and rinse containers, utensils and lids, then boil them at least 5 minutes before use. 3. BOIL drinking water for a minimum of 5 minutes. Let the drinking water cool until warm. 4. Pour into the boiled containers the necessary amount of drinking water. Add the powder measurements according to the preparation table. Always add the powder to drinking water. 5. Cover the container and SHAKE IT TO MIX WELL. EnFabebé™ CONFORT contains partially hydrolyzed proteins and less lactose* which facilitates the digestion of the baby. *compared to a routine formula. Breast milk remains the best milk for your baby until at least two years old. From 6 months of life, this product should be consumed as part of a diversified diet. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. The doctor is the best guide to your child's care and nutrition. Milk formula for powdered infants Start and continuation. From 0 to 12 months.

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