Garnier-Cor-Intensa Hair Coloring Kit Cor Intense Tone 11.1 (45Gr / 1.58Oz)

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Permanent moisturizing colouring Cor Intensa by Garnier. For those women looking for the best result, with 100% coverage of gray hair and long-lasting color. BOWL AND BRUSH APPLICATION. The kit contains:
-1 Moisturizing coloring tube 45 g
-1 Oxidizing cream 67.5 mL
-1 pair of gloves
-1 instructional booklet Benefits: Garnier Cor Intensa, moisturizing permanent coloring. Long-lasting colour. Maximum shine, enriched with flower oil. Pro-fixation formula. Ensures intense, long-lasting colour and 100% gray coverage. Deep cream coloring, creamy texture that does not drain with flower scent, ideal for easy application with bowl and brush. For an easier and more enjoyable application. Performing the skin allergy test. During: Follow the application instructions that come inside the box for excellent result
post-coloring Remember not to use shampoo at the time of rinsing, only the conditioning treatment that comes in the kit. Post-coloring: Rinse your hair with bundante water, without shampoo, until the coloring is removed.

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