Cethapil Moisturizing Emulsion (473Ml / 15.99Fl Oz)

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Cetaphil - Moisturizing Emulsion - 473ml
Provides powerful moisturizing with a light texture. Provides the essential fatty acids that skin loses.
Who is the consumer of Cetaphil — Moisturizing Emulsion?
Women and Men of any age with normal to dry skin looking for light, non-oily hydration for body skin.
What does Cetaphil — Hydrating emulsion offer you?
- Specially formulated for body care with normal, dry and sensitive skin
- Prevents transepidermal water loss thanks to its formula enriched with Dimethicone
- Its formula is lightweight, non-greasy.
Did you know what?
- Provides prolonged hydration for 96hs due to its combination of powerful moisturizing agents and high-concentration emollients.
- Because it is non-greasy, it can be used even on the face.
- For optimal hydration, it should be applied daily after bathing.
How to use: Apply to clean skin once or twice daily.

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