Natural Omega 3 Drops Lemon, Orange And Chia Flavor (60Ml/ 2.02Oz)

Flavor: Lemon
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Made in an exclusive formula from Chia oil (Hispanic sage), obtaining high-concentration Omega 3 fatty acids from this vegetable source (natural). The combination with natural vitamin E, in its exclusive formula, ensures an unmatched stability of the omega-3 fatty acids in Chia. OMEGA 3 with NATURAL vitamin E drops, made by Framingham Pharma, is a unique product, 100% natural and non-replaceable; there are no similar ones. OMEGA 3 with NATURAL vitamin E in drops contains more than twice the concentration of omega 3 than fish oil and has no fishy odor or chemical additions, its formulation preserving the stability and action of the active principles. Its exclusive presentation in drops allows to reach the minimum daily requirements of omega 3 in a simple and effective way.


-Orange, Lemon or Chia flavors
-Natural Omega 3 based dietary supplement
-Decreases triglyceride levels


The intake of between 20 to 60 drops (1 - 3ml) is recommended to provide the body with a sufficient dose of omega-3 fatty acids.
You can pour the drops into a teaspoon or add to a yogurt, or a tomato cut to the axis.
It can also be used as a dressing for salads or all kinds of food once removed from the heat.


60ml container

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