Fortisip Maximum Energy Neutral Powder Nutritional Supplement (350Gr / 12.34Oz)

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Fortisip MAX is the only product on the market that gives you maximum energy. If you have symptoms of fragility, such as involuntary weight loss, exhaustion, decreased activity, slowness or weakness, you may need Fortisip MAX. Consult your doctor, nutritionist, or pharmacist about this product.”

It is a food for specific medical purposes, nutritionally complete, hypercaloric, hyperprotein, powdered, neutral flavor and vanilla with multiple nutrients for the treatment of fragility.

Fortisip MAX can be administered orally or by probe using it as a single source of food or as a nutritional supplement, and thanks to its neutral flavour presentation it allows you to enrich sweet and savory preparations without altering their taste.

Key data:
-Hypercaloric ENERGY: In its standard reconstitution (34.9%) it provides 300Kcal/ 200 ml serving. DC1.5kcal/ml
-Hyperprotein Proteins: In its standard reconstitution (34.9%) it provides 15.2 g/200 ml serving (35% Casein and 65% Soy.)
-Carbohydrates: In its standard reconstitution (34.9%) it provides 37g/200 ml serving (84% Maltodextrin and 16% CHO Simples, in neutral flavor and 65% Maltodextrin and 35% CHO Simple, Vanilla flavor)
-FATS: In its standard reconstitution (34.9%) it provides 10g/200ml serving (vegetable oil mixture).
-PREBIOTIC FIBERS: Contains 2.4 g fiber/200 ml, being the same 100% soluble (FOS+GOS). Prebiotic fiber improves intestinal health and immune function; It contributes to the absorption of calcium and magnesium by promoting bone mineralization.
-MICRONUTRIENTS: Covers 100% of the VDR of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in 1,500 kcal.

Possible indications:
Fortisip MAX is suitable as oral or enteral nutritional support allowing increased energy, protein and micronutrients in fragile patients, who do not manage to cover all nutritional requirements with conventional foods, malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. -Osmolarity: 330 mOSM/litre (Neutral) and 370 mOSM/litre. (Vanilla).

-Flavors: Neutral

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