Espesan Nutritional Supplement Thicken In Powder (300Gr / 10.58Oz)

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ESPESAN is an instant thickener of food and beverages for the treatment of dysphagia.

Special features: Easy to mix into solid foods and hot or cold liquids. Instantly thickens It does not form lumps. Thickened foods maintain consistency, it does not change either over the hours or with heat treatment (heating, cooling or freezing). Provides 210mg sodium/100g product Does not alter the taste of the foods and beverages to which it is added.
Dysphagia caused by neurological diseases, head and neck tumors, cerebral palsy, senectiveness.

How to use:
Added to beverages (c/100ml): Syrup consistency 1 to 1.5 measurements. Creamy consistency 2 measures. Semi-solid consistency 2.5 to 3 measures.
Added to crushed food (c/100g): Creamy consistency 1 measure. Semi-solid consistency 1.5 to 2 measures Nutritional
supplements: Syrup consistency 3 measures. Creamy consistency 4.5 to 5 measures. Semi-solid consistency 5.5 measures.
Flavor: Neutral.
Presentation: Can for 300 g.

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