Excellence Permanent Hair Coloring Creme 77 Chocolate Blonde (47Gr / 1.65Oz)

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L'Oreal Paris KIT coloring for those women who are looking for 100% coverage of gray hair and at the same time care for their hair The kit contains:
1 Protective Coloring Cream
1 NEW Professional Care Shampoo
1 NEW Color Miracle Care
1 Brightening Cream 20vol Benefits: Excellence Creme Advanced Triple Protection protects your hair before, during and after coloring. Coverage of 100% gray hair, for a perfect, radiant and long-lasting color New Shampoo Professional Care
With a balanced pH, it delicately removes dye residue and seals the cuticulae revealing a shiny hair. For care inspired by the salon routine.

New formula Color Miracle Care -Intensive Conditioner Nourishes and seals hair, leaving it soft and with a radiant color. Enhances the brightness of the color in every application. Performing the skin allergy test.
Follow the application instructions that come inside the box for excellent result.

First pour a little warm water over the entire hair and massage. Then rinse thoroughly with water until it comes out clean. The gloves
can be removed. Spread the professional care shampoo over the entire hair and massage until you get a thick, dense lather. Then rinse thoroughly.

After rinse, drain the hair well and spread the Color Miracle Care over the lengths and ends and massage lightly. Leave on for 3 minutes. Save the rest of the Color Miracle Care for use once a week until the next color.

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