Quelat Complex Zinc + Magnesium + Selenium (30 / 60 / 90 /120 Count)

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Quelat Zinc + Magnesium + Selenium x 30 Tablets
Quelat is a line of dietary supplements made from aminochelated minerals.
Quelat is an innovative, scientific and technological development that has made it possible to transform inorganic minerals into an organic form (chelated), facilitating the absorption of minerals.
Nutritional minerals are the inorganic components of food, that is, those that are found in nature without being part of living beings. They play a very important role in the body, since they are necessary for the manufacture of tissues, for the synthesis of hormones and in most of the chemical reactions in which enzymes take part.
Aminochelated minerals are a scientific term for a very specific molecular reaction that takes place between an amino acid and a nutritional mineral. Chelation is a natural process that occurs in the intestine to facilitate the transport of nutritional minerals through the intestinal wall as part of digestion. Unfortunately our body is not very efficient in the production of chelated minerals.
By directly incorporating the aminochelated minerals, greater absorption efficiency and bioavailability are achieved.
Through years of research, technological developments and clinical analysis, the development of the highly safe, effective and bioavailable line of Quelat minerals has been achieved.
The chelation process developed achieves molecules with molecular weights small enough to pass easily through the intestinal wall.
Quelat minerals are identical to those generated by the human body in the natural chelation process.
Quelat is made up of aminochelated minerals, chemically chelated, organic cyclic complexes that protect the minerals in the digestion stage and promote their subsequent absorption.
To supplement diets deficient in one or more minerals, it would be advisable to opt for dietary supplements that provide them in their organic form, particularly in the form of aminochelates, to achieve optimal absorption and use of the mineral in question.
The raw material that we use is original and exclusive with which the scientific works that support each product are carried out and make them unique and that there are no similar ones.
Framingham Pharma has been developing innovative, effective and scientifically endorsed products for years, this time with the launch of the Quelat line, a new era in mineral supplementation begins.
Supplements can provide organic or inorganic minerals.
The importance of the way in which they are presented lies in their different level of bioavailability, that is, the degree to which they can be absorbed and, therefore, used by the body.
- Helps in the synthesis of numerous enzymes, proteins and hormones
- Helps stabilize cell membranes
- Helps maintain the proper functioning of the nerves and muscle tone (neuromuscular system)
- Helps in bone formation
- Helps the cardiovascular system
- Helps increase the mobility of sperm
- Helps to reduce allergic processes
- Helps with neuro protection
- Helps reduce inflammatory markers (C-reactive protein)
- Improves athletic performance by increasing erythrocyte and hemoglobin levels
- Helps in the activity of the immune system
- Helps improve hair and nail growth
- Helps protect the skin
- Helps in liver protection
- Helps in the treatment of alopecia
- Helps in the synthesis of proteins and collagen
- Antioxidant effect
- Helps in the healing of wounds
- Helps improve the immune response
- Helps control acne
- Helps increase the absorption of vitamin A
- Helps in the function of the prostate gland and reproductive organs
- Helps improve eye health
- Helps reduce oxidative stress from exercise
- Helps improve cognitive function
- It is recommended to take 1 tablet per day as a dietary supplement, preferably in the morning.
Elemental Zinc Chelate 7mg
Magnesium Chelate 200mg (Elemental Magnesium 36mg)
Elemental Chelate Selenium 50mcg

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