Quelat Multivitamins Supplement (300 Grs / 10.58 Ounces)

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QUELAT MULTIVITAMINS SUPPLEMENT is an innovative development that allows the combination of minerals in an organic form (chelated) together with high purity vitamins, achieving a high bioavailability of the incorporated nutrients.

QUELAT MULTIVITAMINS SUPPLEMENT presents a complete and balanced formulation, with 12 Vitamins, 9 Mineral chelates to which choline and beta-carotene are added. The application of QUELAT science and technology has allowed us to achieve molecules small enough to pass easily through the intestinal wall.

QUELAT minerals are identical to those generated by the human body in the natural chelation process. In the development, the purity, origin, scientific support and quality of each ingredient used have been privileged, to help you achieve the contribution of nutrients more effectively, to meet the demands of your day.

QUELAT Multivitamin is gluten-free.

QUELAT provides chelated minerals:

Mineral chelation is a process that has made it possible to transform inorganic minerals into an organic form (chelated), facilitating their absorption and use by the body, to effectively fulfill their function.

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