Dadatina Refill Serum Moisturizing Volume 1: Balance (30Ml / 1.01Fl Oz)

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In keeping with our commitment to care for the environment, we developed this pouch to be used as a refill of Serum Vol. 1,
Less waste of packaging material when refilling in its original packaging.

Before inserting the contents of the pouch into the container, we recommend washing it well with plenty of soap and water or any 70% alcohol-based solution, let it dry and then refill!
ACF exclusive
Refill Serum formulated in collaboration with @dadatina

This moisturizing serum provides balance and moisture to the skin, reducing inflammation and/or redness. Helps control acne and provides luminosity.

NIACINAMIDE 10%: A vitamin (B3) that helps minimize enlarged pores, improves skin tone, attenuates redness, smooths wrinkles and fine lines and gives skin illumination. ZINC
TRACE ELEMENTS: Antioxidant, soothing skin. Regulates sebum and controls the appearance of acne. HYALURONIC
ACID: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and smooths its texture.
GLYCERIN: Moisturizer, attracts external moisture and prevents dryness of the skin, protecting it from external damage.

How to use: place 3 to 4 drops on face and neck after cleansing and gently press with your hands to absorb it. Continue the routine by applying a day/night cream.

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