Omega-3 Regulip 1000 With Omega 3 (20 Tablets Ea.)

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Dietary supplement with Omega 3 based on fish oil x 50 capsules. START TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEART NATURALLY! WHAT ARE OMEGA-3? Omega-3 fish oil has the highest concentrations of Omega 3 EPA and DHA, and are the only fatty acids that have scientifically proven to help lower triglycerides and level cholesterol. Regulip 1000 is Omega 3 fish oil, and one capsule per day can help protect the cardiovascular system in a natural and scientifically proven way. OMEGA 3 AGAINST HIGH CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol is a very important substance for the body because it is involved in the formation of tissues and hormones, but it can also be very dangerous if it is present at high levels in the blood. Increased cholesterol promotes the formation of fat deposits on the walls of the arteries, leading to vascular disease.Omega 3 containing fish oil, can be a natural and scientifically proven way to control cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides. Whenever you have cholesterol at high risk or limit risk, you should consult your doctor.

Therapeutic action: Omega-3 fish oil is necessary for normal growth, development and optimal function of the body, especially the brain and heart. Fish oil omega-3 has the highest concentrations of DHA and EPA. The organism does not produce omega 3, therefore, its incorporation is necessary through food on the basis of fish or dietary supplements. They do not contain trans fats or synthetic aggregates. Omega-3 as a dietary supplement based on fish oil have globally approved scientific work supporting their nutritional supply.

Regulip 1000 is recommended by the Argentine Society of Nutrition and the Argentine Cardiological Foundation.

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