Capilatis Rinse Tinted Hair (420Ml / 14.20Fl Oz)

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Tinted Hair Rinse reconstitutes the scales of the hair fibre, protecting the color and prolonging its life. Ceramides: penetrate the hair fiber and allow the cuticle scales to recover the cohesion of the cuticle, restoring its natural hydration, shine and softness. UV filter: Prevents premature aging caused by UV rays and prolongs the life of brighter and brighter colors full of life from the inside. How to use: Apply to lengths and ends by massaging gently. Let it act for a moment. Rinse with warm water. Model as usual. For best results, supplement with the use of Capilatis® Shampoo and Hair Treatment*Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. If any unfavorable reaction is perceived to discontinue its use. This product is not formulated for use in children.

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