Yerba Mate Rosamonte Especial 6.6 Lb/3 Kg. (3 Packages Of 2.2Lb/1Kgs. Each)

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Yerba Mate Rosamonte Especial 6.6 LB/3 KG. 3 packages of 2.2lb/1kgs. each

Independent reviews

"One of the most popular yerba mate products in Argentina Rosamonte Especial definitely deserves a permanent place on the shelf of every mate drinker. DonÕt start with this mate though if you are new to this drink let your palate evolve first. For experienced materos who for some reason havenÕt tried it yet Rosamonte Tradicional is a must-try yerba mate and getting it should be your top priority. A great showcase of Argentine yerba mate at its finest."

Complexity: intermediate
Body: medium to full
Duration: medium

-- Matexperience

"Rosamonte is different. With its bold and strong flavors youÕd expect it to be long-lasting. But no. Rosamonte likes to keep it short and sweet and I have no problem with that. After trying it myself I can see why itÕs so popular. For those who love a mate that can burst with flavor you wonÕt be disappointed with Rosamonte. However it does lack complexity. Its taste is linear and unwavering. So if you enjoy the first sip youÕll enjoy the rest. If you donÕt you might want to look elsewhere." -- Yerba Mate Lab

About the producer

In 1936 Mr. Demetrio Hre–uk son of Ukrainian immigrants founds a family business with the active collaboration of his wife Catalina dedicated at the beginning to the plantation harvest and drying of yerba mate (Paraguayan tea). He purchases his first mill in 1966 and begins marketing yerba mate. This is the beginning of Rosamonte yerba mate.

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