Satial Food Monocaps Carb Controller Dietary Supplement With Phaseolus Vulgaris (12 Pills)

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SATIAL is a dietary supplement made from natural ingredients, which have demonstrated in preclinical and clinical trials its ability to reduce the absorption of starch, present in flour, rice, potato and all foods that contain it.
The patent raw material present at SATIAL has been the subject of dozens of clinical studies since 2001, which have proven its safety and efficacy.

The exclusive formulation of SATIAL FOOD MONOCAPS adds to its active component Phaseolamine, vegetable proteins, which facilitate the dispersion of the active component on food, obtaining excellent results.

The amino acid profile is specially developed for its combination with phaseolus vulgaris extract, achieving greater assimilation and nutritional efficiency.

How to use Satial Food MONOCAPS:
*Suggested the intake of 2 capsules daily.
*Open the capsule and spread the contents over the food.
*Direct consumption: Take 30 minutes before meals.

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