Capilatis Shampoo With Bitter Stick Capiltis (500Ml / 16.9Fl Oz)

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Palo Amargo Shampoo provides deep hygiene and helps lice and nits be removed more easily by the physical action of the fine comb. Its ingredients have been carefully selected so as not to harm the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and silky. Ensures perfect hygiene without causing irritation. How to use: Apply and massage onto damp hair until it forms lather. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse. Repeat the operation.Product suitable for use in children from 2 (two) years of age. *Keep out of reach of children. Exclusive external use. In case of any irritation of the scalp, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Avoid contact with eyes; if this happens, rinse immediately with plenty of water, without scrubbing.

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